2022 9 12 - tomorrow

we watched la la land over the weekend. i was thinking about it this morning. a song came on my playlist (life feels like a loss) and i had an image in my head of a work happy hour type thing, and emma stone was there. and the music started really quiet, and then started to get louder. and at a certain point, it caught her attention. and the light started changing; the fluorescent office lights dimmed and a spotlight lit up (like in the movie). she had been in the middle of a friendly but trivial conversation, and all of a sudden, she was transfixed. compelled to turn and look for the source of the music. and then of course it's me and i'm dressed in some wild glamcore nonsense jumping around singing, and i'm taller and more muscular and better at dancing. i think that would be a really good start for a music video. i have to write a song where that could be the music video.