stream 7

got me wondering if blue light on the eyes is bad there's a place on the river for the baby

baby seems okay she has turned her face away into my chest and arm and where they meet early on a Monday morning I hope my wife can sleep and I hope she sleeps better sooner rather than later skater

been a while. lost track of time. or maybe time lost track of me. funny thing time. keeps going. looked up March 2053 in my calendar looks like I'm free then. and that day will come whether I am here to see it or not. calendars are always worming. they will always be correct forever. if they aren't then they still will be for whatever new thing is but measuring it the old thing way.

ok this is quite silly

I give up

there's October in the clouds, you'll remember this someday you'll remember the mall and the old man and the dining court and the days of these last last forever past cast fast slip away no karaoke just go for it

all is rhythm. nothing is arrhythmic. got me singing like that way.

once this is done the next thing will come