stream 2

good days tell me that bad days come. unfortunately i wonder and wander. hope what type kit keep go. Lost among the darknesses and lightnesses. to wonder. I think that making up words will become a bigger part of the future than we can imagine. I think entirely new languages will develop in response to large language models. I think there will be secret codes based on feelings and secret thoughts. I hope this to be true. I think the stream of consciousness style will make a resurgence. I think that's why. I like reading Ulysses. Sometimes. My dad liked Ulysses. I think about it. I like to be reading it. Everyone is impressed with me when they see that I am reading this stupid book. There are moments of beauty.

A moments of beauty. A money of moments. An embarassment of riches. and mispellings. and misspeliings. and missspellings. miss spelling's classroom. that would be kind of funny. if there were a teacher with that name. that name. to be and have a name. names are funny thins. they are funny things. they don't men anything. they don't mean anyting. anything. spelling is a funny thing.

good times. bad times. moments only. moments all. trying to listen to more meditation. but it's while i'm working so it doesn't do anything. it doesn't mean anthyhing. too many mispellings. misspellings. there, i think i got it right. no more red squiggly lines////

stopped. back. going. not. open. closed.

hope. no

not really

i should i should i shuuodldddddddddddd

all out. in there out there. not for me not for them not for anything jst for. for. for. preposition again. i love prepositions. i ❤ prepositions. would be a good T-Shirt. would be a good one. should develop fashion more. clearer sense of self. cleaner sense of self. doing what i must do. all i can. All I Can Do. is what i am doing.

now. now and then. word DISassociation is from a song by lemon demon from the internet in the before 2010 world i think. sometime in the 00s. sometime when internet was different. there was a time before youtube. before facebook and instagram and tiktok. it feels so all-encompassing now. i don't like to say that. it feels so all now. it feels so everywhere and everything now. it feels like the world now. it feels like all there is. i need to get back to pre-that. to before the days. but the now time makes sense too. connections. i wouldn't be here if not for tiktok. i literally would have no idea that this exists. maybe it's necessary. maybe it's a necessary evil. maybe if 1% of it is good, it's good. Maybe there is no evil. I don't know if there is evil of not. or not.

this is only for the moment.