stream 1

God in the details. devil may be. how I wonder and wush. I think unintelligible text will become important after the AI takes the marvel movies over. so that's what I try. so full of anxious fear. the fear's not anxious. I think phones with spell check are ruining the internet. but humanity survives. humanity will always push back against perfection. perfection is boring. humanity will always uncapitalize the first letter of ensyenseces just for the aesthetic. made up words used to be a bigger part of my life. I need to make up works again. words and works. sometimes the best things coke from mistakes. come from mistakes. somewhere we all come from mistakes. one big mistake happened... it was called The Big Bang!!! then here we are. crawling like bugs. little buggies. tiny beetles. beetlemania. one step to the Next. Capitalization Can Change The Tone Of Any Piece Of Text. I don't like it. I don't care. no one. nowhere. man. why do we do what we do? only to have it. only to be it. only only it's not really anything at all, is it?

wonder and wush. ponder and push. sonder and shush . i want to make a movie. i have wanted to make a movie since i could talk. i want to do it. now maybe i can. nows not the time

nows the only tome

nows not the time

nows the only time

been here somewhere there and never again. word like magic. wonder. do marbles

marbles. bengal Tigers and roosters and spumoni. frosted. sanded down and clouded. not glossy. special thing you can do to marbles sometimes. Mega Marbles. 24 pack, one big and the rest small. little ones. so perfect. I love the collection. I want to collect. collection of experiences but the memory. is it? I don't really know.

went to the river. used to go havent been since my dad. used to walk down music street on the mornings. in the mornings. early weekends long walks, podcasts and thoughts. down Munn, turn right, down music, turn around at the river. it's not a river it's a creek


something that used to mean something. found an old cocacola glass bottle. thought I needed it. or no, I didn't find that. we had it in the house. that old house on music street

that big haunted house

I miss. I miss but I do not remember

to remember must be to leave

I dont know. I don't think

it jink

good. digress. good. good. good. hope let go and wonder again.

there is poetry in the absence of poetry. there is comfort in the absence of veiwage. there is there and that. I've been doing this since before I started reading Ulysses. I've been doing this as a child and as a long long long one. I thought adult would be adult. I thought grown up would be it. now I know. no adult

no grown up. mid kid. mid kid. life Is a long long long longing.

go ahead. not back. nowhere


this comes out funny because I'm typing it on my phone and the return key is right next to the space key but I think leaving it may be the right call. the correct connection. to call. to call. to call. touchab.

it's not raining Dom. random. it's not. nothing. meaningful only to me is not meaningless. meaningful only to me is not meaningless. power in the public of it. power in the mistaken misguided misuse. power pa pa power pa pa i am. now. hsomewhoe.

I want to read more like this. I want to hear the streams. I want to hear the streams. I wait to hear the streams. somehow more personal even that more intimate even then more than more special more individual more insight more even than actual severest. secrets. more intimate than whispered secrets. more because yhere is more. there is more than corporeal. something was corporeal. I don't remember


ai will not take corporeal art

ai will not take the bodies

go go go go go go go

to go



lots of fries but u get propolis. brocolis

made a game. fun . want to make. more. good. ndo

babys asleep. she rocks. she rolls. she rules.

no sense. absurd. no sense

to live is an old thing.

finally I feel this. finally I do

take me